2021 Remarkable Aso-Oke Outfit: Inspiration Outfit.

Aso-Oke (also known as Aso-Ofi) is a traditional attire mostly worn in Nigeria by Yoruba on special occasions. This particular Attire is usually for chieftaincy, festivals, and other special events.

Gone are those days when Aso-Oke (Aso-Ofi) used to be outfit to emphasize the Royalty or Wealth status of the individual. And then Aso-Oke used to just plain Iro and Buba (wrapper and blouse).

But nowadays, Aso-Oke can be worn at any time for any occasion most especially Engagement, and who says it can’t be of any style other than the plain Iro and Buba (wrapper and blouse) we used to know. Aso-Oke has brought out feminine nature and beauty in most women.

Let’s see how Aso-Oke can be styled and designed with the Lovely and Beautiful pictures we have found.

Get Inspired as you scroll

Get Inspired as you scroll

Get Inspired as you scroll

Get Inspired as you scroll

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  1. Mary Ekpeh

    These are really beautiful dear. Keep it up

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