Lace Gown Styles 2021: Boubou/Kaftan Styles

Lace is part of the African Culture, as much as fashion is concerned. The evolution of Lace Styles and Designs has driven most women to unpredictable ways to stand out.

Apparently, there are different Lace Fabrics of different Design ranging from plain color, flowered, and print fabrics. Lace fabrics comes in different quality so it is pocket friendly that anybody can afford.

Fashion designers on their part have thus come up with beautiful Lace Styles which has been embraced by Fashion-Mongers.

Allow me take you through these pictures of determining a good Lace Style before purchasing Lace Fabrics, and consider the quality, cost, season/purpose, and color before buying Lace Fabrics.

Let check out these flawless Lace Boubou/Kaftan Styles. Boubou Styles is a free-flowing Gown worn by most women in Nigeria and most African Countries.

Lace Boubou/Kaftan Styles are greatly admirable for every fashion lady. Boubou Styles are more common in married women.

However, it does not matter whether you are married or not you can rock it if you like it

Thou, Boubou/Kaftan gown can be styled with different fabrics ranging from chiffon, ankara, lace, batik, crepe, silk, etc.

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