Latest Aso Ebi Gown Styles: 2022 Slit Gown Styles.

Aso Ebi is a famous name for a wedding uniform. In Africa/ Nigeria our women love parties most especially owambe parties and what is common about this event is the Aso Ebi (uniform) they sew for attending the events. Here in Nigeria, we don’t get tired of parties most especially traditional wedding ceremonies and some other special events, instead, we pray for more because most times it’s a thing of joy celebrating with family and friends in uniform and taking pictures. In this post, we have beautifully made slit gowns.…

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Latest and Unique Aso Ebi Gown Style 2022.

Aso Ebi Style

It is easy to see the love and dependence on Aso Ebi clothing in Nigeria and African celebrations and festivities. Aso Ebi is a fashionable way to depend and expose Nigerians rich cultural heritage. Women are always striving to be noticed wherever they go. Our clothing and style are one way we make a statement. Aso Ebi trends are a great way to stand out flattering styles that add shine and glitter. Every weekend brings with it Aso Ebi trends that inspire and motivate us. View More >>> Latest Ankara…

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2021 Owambe Styles for Beautiful Ladies

Hi Divas! Welcome to another series on Aso Ebi Style and today we’ll be checking out great ideas from the newest Owambe Styles. Ladies face a lot of challenges when making sure their appearance does not fade on time, and that the more reasons we’ve done the work for you, and found some good-looking Owambe Dresses on the glam. We found you Beautiful Aso Ebi Styles that not only celebrates your curvy shapes but your unique sense of style too. These Owambe Styles can be worn to engagement, birthday parties,…

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