2022 Latest Styles: Simple Ankara Short Dresses.

Ankara Short gown Style

Ankara short dresses are one of the popular Ankara styles among ladies. This style is very comfortable to wear and also easy to style. One of the many advantages of the short Ankara gown is that it requires less quantity of fabric to style. So if you have a leftover fabric in your wardrobe and you are thinking about what to use it for, you can style it as a short gown and you are good to go. Read also >>> 2022 Latest and Elegant Styles for Ankara Print. The…

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2022 Latest Styles: Simple Skirt and Blouse Styles

Skirt and Blouse styles most especially for Ankara fabrics are now more than just African clothing styles, it has become more popular among women. Almost every woman in Africa wears an Ankara skirt and blouse styles. Many factors make the fashion styles stand out among other African clothing styles. The fact that you can appear in different styles and shapes makes it more appealing. Also, See >>> Latest, Gorgeous and Elegant Bubu Styles 2022.

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2022 Latest Owambe Lace Gown Styles for Ladies.

Owambe Lace Style

Hello beautiful people, welcome to Ladeey’s Blog. Here, you will find an amazing collection of the latest Asoebi Styles for wedding guests. When you are planning to attend that wedding party, make sure that you pay great attention to your choice of what to wear, as this will speak volumes about how you will be rated on that occasion. Latest Owambe Gown Styles See Also >>> Latest, Gorgeous and Elegant Bubu Styles 2022.

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2022 Latest and Beautiful Patterns for Hair Braid Styles.

hair braid style

Braided hairstyles present a world of possibilities. Almost any style can be adapted for braids, whether you’re looking for half-braided, half-curly or for one of the shorter Black braided hairstyles. You choose the look, and you can play with different hair pattern ideas. No matter what you pick, you’ll be protecting your hair and looking cute while you do it. With so many options, it can feel overwhelming to decide which is right for you. That’s what we’re here for. You get the braided hair; we’ve got the inspiration. Now…

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Latest, Gorgeous and Elegant Bubu Styles 2022.


Bubu Style is a free-flowing gown worn by women popularly in West Africa, is a loose-fitting gown that hides most of the curves. Bubu can be of V-necked, Round-necked, Turtle neck, and Off shoulder. It is versatile in the sense that it can be styled with different fabrics such as Lace, Ankara, Chiffon, Silk, and other good and beautiful fabrics you can think of. Styling Boubou with shining stones, embroidery designs, and decorative stitches will also give it an adorable look. View More >>> Latest Ankara Styles 2021: Stylish Ankara…

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Exclusive Ankara Trouser and Jumpsuit Styles 2022 for Ladies.

Ankara Style

Are you searching for the Latest Ankara Trousers and jumpsuits for Styles ladies? Don’t worry we have made a classy selection for you. Ankara fabric is among the fabric that never stops trending, instead, they come in more beautiful designs. If you want to sew Ankara jumpsuits and trousers you can either use Kitenge, plain and pattern, Danshiki, Kente or other types of Ankara fabric View More >>> Latest Ankara Short Gown Styles for Ladies 2022.

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2022 Latest and Elegant Styles for Ankara Print.

Ankara Gown Style

Ankara is one of the most versatile and popular outfits for all occasions. It has been a long-lasting favourite amongst women all over the world. The popularity of this outfit is ever increasing, with the fashionistas choosing it in almost every attire. Also, See >>> Latest and Elegant Asoebi Gown Styles for Ladies 2022. As we know the fashion trend will never fade. Ankara Prints have found a place in most African women’s wardrobes. They come in a range of beautiful colours and patterns that can be customized to suit…

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2022 Latest and Classy Ankara Tops for Ladies.

Ankara Top

Hi, beautiful ladies welcome to Ladeey’s Blog, on this post we will be showing you beautiful, smart and classy Ankara Tops and how to rock them casually. These trends are quite easy and beautiful. It involves styling the Ankara fabrics and matching them with jeans, plain trousers, and even with Ankara trousers rocking it just to make it casual. Scroll down and be inspired See More >>> Latest and Unique Casual Ankara Tops for Ladies 2022.

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2022 Latest and Classy Hairstyles for Black Ladies.


Weaving hairstyles have been identified as one of the most beautiful hairstyles known in the world. Most especially among Black ladies, the African protective style of Ghana weaving is our favourite hairstyle. You’ll recognize them by their typically thicker appearance which often requires hair extensions to accomplish and the way they are braided straight back from the forehead. Scroll down to get more pictures. Also Checkout for Braided Styles >>> Latest, Simple and Beautiful Braids Styles 2022.

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Latest and Elegant Asoebi Gown Styles for Ladies 2022.

Asoebi Style

Aso Ebi is a famous name for a wedding uniform. In Africa/ Nigeria our women love parties most especially owambe parties and what is common about this event is the Asoebi (uniform) they sew for attending the events.Here in Nigeria, we don’t get tired of parties especially traditional wedding ceremonies and some other special events, instead, we pray for more because most times it’s a thing of joy celebrating with family and friends in uniform and taking pictures. In this post, we have carefully selected Elegant Styles. Kindly take your…

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