2022 Latest and Classy Hairstyles for Black Ladies.


Weaving hairstyles have been identified as one of the most beautiful hairstyles known in the world. Most especially among Black ladies, the African protective style of Ghana weaving is our favourite hairstyle. You’ll recognize them by their typically thicker appearance which often requires hair extensions to accomplish and the way they are braided straight back from the forehead. Scroll down to get more pictures. Also Checkout for Braided Styles >>> Latest, Simple and Beautiful Braids Styles 2022.

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Latest and Elegant Asoebi Gown Styles for Ladies 2022.

Asoebi Style

Aso Ebi is a famous name for a wedding uniform. In Africa/ Nigeria our women love parties most especially owambe parties and what is common about this event is the Asoebi (uniform) they sew for attending the events.Here in Nigeria, we don’t get tired of parties especially traditional wedding ceremonies and some other special events, instead, we pray for more because most times it’s a thing of joy celebrating with family and friends in uniform and taking pictures. In this post, we have carefully selected Elegant Styles. Kindly take your…

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